Mali electronics allows you to be involved from the beginningin to the end of development of your new product. We offer you support and counseling in planning, preparation and the derivation of the project.

Based on our rich experiences and knowledge, we assure that you will be more than satisfied with our services.

Product development

In collaboration with you, we develop and produce the first pieces. After that we can produce the production batch. The minimum lot is five pieces.

CNC prebijanje pločevine

Flattening sheet metal

Flattening sheet metal machine can handle sheets up to a width 600mm and a thickness up to 5 mm.

CNC prebijanje pločevine

CNC punching

CNC punching machine is extremely fast, with the possibility of simultaneous punching of different forms. This allows us to be highly competitive on the market.

CNC upogibanje pločevine

CNC bending

For bending we are using modern CNC bending machines, which are computer numerically controlled (CNC).

Varjenje AL, JE, INOX


We are welding aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass ...

Cutting sheet metal

We cut metal sheets on modern giliotine shears for cutting sheet metal Gasparini CO 3004.

Razrez AL profilov

Cutting aluminum profiles

Cutting dimensions vary due to a circular saw. They depend according to the height and width of the cut.

CNC vrtanje, frezanje

CNC milling, drilling

For milling, drilling and threading we are using CNC machining centers. These CNC machines can process the bindings of one whole piece.

Razrez AL profilov

Surface protection Coating

Surface protection is executed by our contractors. All protections meets ROHS standard.

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